You Need a Fire in Your Life

Do you have a fire on your heart to achieve something? For those who answered “YES”, I’m really interested to know what brings you to do that. It is said that there are a lot of young people who do not have any dreams or hopes in their lives. They just let everything be like one herb drifting on a stream of a big river. However, in their childhood, they were surely told not only by their parents but also someone they have not met before what they wanted to be in the future with twinkling eyes. I want to cast a stone on this situation to exclaim that young people (I’d say, including myself) should have dreams and hopes.

There are some comments from adults like this – “Just quit talking about your dream and look at your reality. Do what you have to do! ” You should not get angry at those comments if you get it from people, because it is not a good idea to refute everything you aren’t willing to accept. Moreover, I think this kind of comment contains the lesson which is required for you to live in a society. Once you get involved in a working environment, you will surely yield to take some tasks and responsibilities that you must owe. In this case, you aren’t permitted to abandon these. So, this comment is partially true.

For me, I used to stand at this side by the time I came here in Cebu. I had blurry eyes towards my future and was totally lost what to do in my life, and the one thing I understood was I had to face with the reality spreading out below me. Fortunately, I had an opportunity to visit Cebu and I was stunned at everything that was absolutely different from Japanese culture. I thought as if I had found a missing piece in my life, and I became determined to apply for an internship in Cebu to check it out. I won’t forget the moment I felt the fire in my heart.

What was your dream when you were a kid? While you surely had some dreams when you look back on your childhoods, you might not be able to convey them once you grow up. Now, I strongly pledge that you ought to have the causes or motivations to make your life better without any hesitations. Even though you are already an adult, nobody has the right to make fun of your dreams you have up to this point. It’s your turn to light a fire in your heart. So, what is your dream?

Blog by: DN