To Lie or Not to Lie

We found out that our students are also great in expressing their thoughts in written form. And so, we have created this corner for them. One student stepped up to the challenge. He really did well. Check out his piece below. Enjoy reading.

I’d like to talk about whether we should refrain from telling a lie or not. When it comes to a lie, what kind of things do you come to your mind? Lies are used in a variety of ways depending on every situation you are involved in. A joke in a conversation with friends, an excuse for being late for the office or school, a fake story to ask for a discount…… and so on. Now, let me share my experience and thought

When I was a kid, I used to tell lies to my parents to avoid being scolded. For example, when I got an awful score on a test, I told my parents that I didn’t receive it yet. Of course my parents doubted me and found out that what I said was a lie. As a result, my parents got so angry that they couldn’t get mad at me more. Telling a lie might sometimes cause bad effect like this, however, I can’t help but claiming that we have to tell a lie to survive.

Most people think that telling a lie is bad. It’s true because if I tell a lie to people whom I haven’t met many times, they could see me as a rude person and my first impression is so terrible. Moreover, some religions define that telling a lie is one of the worst sin. In short, we are supposed to avoid telling a lie. But is it really possible to keep away from it? I don’t think so. All people must have lied at least once. And we should point out that some people sometimes tell “white lies” to be kind, not to be malicious.

There is evidence that indicates some lies are good. Have you ever heard of the “placebo effect”? It means we can recover from diseases or injuries with medications which are actually just nutrients. At a certain point, the most important thing is that we are convinced that medication is true. After we know this truth, we can’t say outright lying is bad. In addition, if we denied all lies and chose only truth, our lives would be insipid. Do you want to talk to people who always say that everything must be true and force you to tell the truth all the time? It must be too rigid to live in that kind of world.

Here is another example. There are a lot of things which are based on people’s imagination, like Santa Claus, fairy tales, movies, novels……etc. If we rejected them since they were not true, we couldn’t enjoy them forever. It also means that we may undermine some people who enjoy them. Please imagine, if you have to explain who Santa Claus is to children, which do you think would be better, telling a truth that may make them sad, or telling a lie that must make them happy?

I strongly agree that some lies which hurt people must be punished. However, they aren’t lies, but deceptions. Deception might lead to some crime, such as a fraud or a con. This behavior is betrayal of people who trust us so we must avoid. As long as we live, we face some situations we had better lie. At that time, we should try hard to find the quest for the perfect way to make people happy.