The Need for Empathy

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Nowadays, important skills to survive life has evolved. Particularly in the office, you are not just expected to know hard skills. It is now imperative to possess soft skills to advance in your field. Empathy is one of those soft skills that is definitely not easy to acquire. It is not a skill that you can fake.

What exactly is empathy? By definition, it means that one is able to understand and share the feelings of another person. Easy as it may sound, not many people know how to empathize.

In the office, some employees may be guilty of not being able to empathize with the others. It is shown by not understanding other people’s feelings and needs. For example, employees A and B of the same rank may at some point argue because of employee A’s failure to submit a group report. Employees A and B engages into a blame game where employee A eventually breaks down due to ongoing personal issues. Employee A has been tring hard in not mixing personal and professional life. However, the worst got into employee A. Employee B learned about employee A’s issues but was dismissive about it. The former refuses to accept and understand what employee A is going through. Hence, it affects the office atmosphere and working relationship.

Another example is when an upper rank makes a habit of fault-finding and not thinking of what the others might feel of opinions and decisions. The inability of the said person to acknowledge that the employees are the very people who helps in the success of the company is that person’s downfall. If the upper rank does not understand how hard-working the employees are, chances of the latter turning their backs or having no motivation to work anymore is inevitable.

Staying motivated to do something is difficult enough. And so, balance is vastly important to keep everybody on their toes. People should learn the skill of empathy to have a harmonious relationship with everybody. Understanding other people would allow us to know how to work well with others. To learn the skill of empathy is not overnight. It takes a different level of understanding before you can genuinely say that you empathize with others. However, it is not too late to learn it. Learn it well as it is deemed to be of help in your daily life.