People and their Cell Phones

Many people think that it is unbelievable to live in the world where there are no cell phones. Cell phones are used in many ways now not only in contacting other people, but also as hobbies such as playing a video game, taking pictures, and so on. You might see some people who are looking down using their cell phones everywhere. It isn’t too much to say that we don’t need anything but cell phones. This is no exemption in Japan, too.

It is said that Japanese started using cell phones from 1979. However, cell phones at that time differ much from those of now. Former cell phones only had the ability to call others, and were so heavy that they were difficult to bring them out. For instance, cell phones in 1985, which were often called “shoulder phone,” weighed approximately 3kg. Considering today’s cell phones, the weight of those are about 100g to 200g. Also, how we use cell phone made much progress by the appearance of many kinds of functions.

In Japan, the accidents that happen by walking outside while using cell phones have become a big problem. Even though many people have been resisting the addiction to cell phones for many years, many people never try to stop using them. I think it is because cell phones are too convenient for us. We can do almost all things by cell phones, but that caused us to depend on them.

I don’t intend to say that cell phones should be imposed legal controls to some extents. Cell phones themselves are very good devices unless we use them wisely. If there were not cell phones in the world, we might not be able to live because most activities, which are both in public and in personal, are based on cell phones. Considering the situation that using cell phones have caused felonies in Japan, however, we have to think about the way we use cell phones.

Blog by: DN