My Food Intake: Nutrition, Cost, and Taste

When I was a child, I only chose foods according to my taste. I did not bother knowing how the foods I take would affect my body. Also, I did not care about the amount of foods I consume. After I started playing football, I realized the importance of choosing foods. When I chose foods at that time, I thought about them from three perspectives. These are nutrition, cost, and taste.

Nutrition is the most important for me. I used to settle on having meats and vegetables to get a lot of protein and condition my body, as these foods are essential for athletes to make their body strong. I have tried to rule out having carbohydrates to keep from gaining on my weight as far as I could. Even though I had a lavish sit-down dinner with my senior, I chose foods, which were healthy.

I also think about cost. I did not have enough money to eat something I wanted to eat like most university students, and I had to get by limited foods choices. It was a little bit difficult for me to pick up foods within my food budget every month. However, I was able to think through a balance between foods and cost.

I cannot forget to consider taste. Delicious foods are very important for people to suffice their life. Eating foods give us not only nutrition, but also happiness. It would have been distressing and I would quit football if I had to choose foods without thinking of the taste.

While my core on thinking about foods was taste as I said above, nutrition, cost, and taste are the three points I would consider when I eat foods now. I might need to keep an eye on what I have if I want to live a long life.

Blog by: DN