Reasons Why Filipinos are Great English Speakers

It has been a common knowledge that the Philippines is one of the countries where non-English speakers go to when it comes to learning the English language. And, why not? It may be cheaper to learn English in the Philippines, but there are more reasons why you should opt to go here. Most Filipinos are known to be knowledgeable in English. But to enlighten you more, here are the reasons why Filipinos are great English speakers.

5 Practical Reasons Why Filipinos are Great English Speakers

Note that there are numerous reasons why Filipinos are great English speakers. But, do understand that I will be writing only about the practical reasons. This may also help you in your journey in learning English.

America Colonized the Philippines

There is no doubt that the Philippines has been greatly influenced by America. And, the language is one of the things we have inherited. It is a beautiful skill that we acquired. Since it is the universal language, Filipinos are able to communicate with English speakers.

Primary Language in School is English

This is especially true for private schools. There are several subjects you may encounter in Philippine education. As early as when you enter pre-school, subjects are delivered in English. Well, apart from Filipino or Philippine History subjects. So, familiarity of the English language starts at an early age. It is no longer perplexing why most Filipinos can communicate well.

Filipinos Enjoy Watching English TV Series or Movies

Thank you, cable! Yes. We get access to many English TV series and movies. Our exposure to these materials is abundant. Because we watch many of them, we easily acquire and mimic accents and expressions.

Casual Conversation is in English

Some Filipinos consider themselves weak in their own dialect. There are deep Tagalog (and other dialect) words or expressions that are not presently used. So, they find comfort in expressing their thoughts in English. And, they are mostly effective that way.

There are many foreigners in the Philippines

Filipinos are very considerate of the people around them. We are welcoming to foreigners and we accommodate as much as we can. If there is a foreigner in a group, it is common courtesy to speak the universal language. Hence, the English language is always used.

In general, it is almost all the time when Filipinos speak in English. If you find yourself in the Philippines, it is somewhat impossible not to be able to communicate to a single Filipino.

Still not convinced? Do visit the Philippines and you can find out yourself. Enjoy while you are at it.