Changes All Over the World

Globalization has caused many kinds of changes all over the world. You can know whatever information you want and eat your own country’s food even when you travel abroad. However, it is true that there are still some differences between countries. I am going to write three differences between U.S. and Japan. They are giving tips in a restaurant, communication with each other, and taking shoes off.

Giving tips is sometimes confusing for Japanese because we do not have the culture of giving tips. In my opinion, the most confusing thing in giving tips is that it does not define how much we should actually give. When I was in Seattle, I have not experienced giving tips many times as I have had to study not only English but also generosity to the service. I think that this is one of my struggles.

Another one is when Japanese people talk each other, we often give responses, such as” Hai.” “Unn” or “Wakari-mashita” to make conversations smooth. I have also been using these words, however, my host mother taught me not to use these words, as these words might be misleading when I talked to Americans. In the U.S., giving responses such as “Yes” and “I know” means that I know what you say as you don’t have to keep on talking. This Japanese habit is difficult for me to cure.

Japanese people take for granted to take their shoes off when they go inside a house. If you go inside a house without taking your shoes off, the house will easily get dirty. We have the only space, which is called “Doma,” to take our shoes off in all houses. It is said that most Americans spend their time at home with their shoes on, though. It is sometimes weird for me.

There are countless differences and similarities between U.S. and Japan other than what I wrote above while globalization is in occurence. I am now studying English and American culture, and it isn’t too much to say that I need much more time to assimilate into a life in U.S.

Blog by: DN