Ceblish: We Bring You Something New

There are new voices in town.

And you will get to hear them.

Today, we mark the inception of making this blog page as the voice of the people behind our exceptional school.

So, what exactly should you expect from this page? Well, our goal is to deliver great things that are true to our heart. We will let you have a sneak peak of what to look forward to when you come to Cebu, Philippines and study in our school.

We aim to be informative

Since we would like to be your source of information, the team will extend its best in giving you heads up on everything about learning English and experiencing the culture. This page will be your guide from inquiring, enrolling, flying to Cebu, studying English, and experiencing Filipino hospitality. Awesome, right?

We aim to be your source of learning

It would be good to learn with someone face-to-face or online but time does not always permit you to study with an instructor. Hence, we offer mini lessons on our page. It would help YOU in improving reading, grammar, and vocabulary skills. We have many activities lined up so, you had better watch out for those. Hmm… This is getting interesting.

We aim to make English learning fun

For some, learning English just might be forced because it is needed in their job. It does not have to be that way. It does not have to be all about classrooms, lectures, and textbooks. Learning English does not have to be a burden. Besides, the reason why you are studying English is that you want to communicate. You want to be able to convey your thoughts and voice out your feelings. We would like to lead you to your improvement without exhaustion.

Having said everything above, we are sure that you have so many questions in mind and your thought is playing with different ideas. We welcome that. However, we assure you that everything you will see here will be relatable. Right now, we would like for you to keep on tuning in our page for more development.