Cars and Trauma

What do you think about cars? Cars are very useful to go anywhere and they might be indispensable for some people to live in a city. It is true. However, it is also true that cars are dangerous and sometimes causes accidents. If you were involved in a car accident, would you still think that cars are still a good commodity? Probably, not. People who have gotten involved in a car accident would be afraid of cars.

In 2004, I traveled to Frankfurt, Germany with my family. That day was so sunny and hot as I remembered being soaked with sweat. As I was walking down a street, I saw many cars, which sped along the road next to the street I strolled. After I gave my attention back on the street, my body suddenly turned around. At first, I did not know how it happened. However, after I glimpsed at the car and began to feel pain on my left leg, I realized I was hit by the car.

The driver got off his car with an exasperated look and started yelling at me. Of course, I did not understand what he said so I was just frozen and could not trust my voice. For me, he looked as if he was possessed by a demon because his face turned red with rancor. Nevertheless, my father talked to him, the accident was solved, and nobody was blamed. Fortunately, my injury was just a blow and I did not have to go to a hospital. Nevertheless, I could not feel almost anything while my father and the driver negotiated since I was overwhelmed with his angry face. The time when I felt relaxed was almost one day after.

With my father’s help, my trip was not ruined. While I can say my trip to Germany was awesome, it can be said that if I had avoided a car accident, my trip would have been more fun. In fact, this memory has been annoying me even now. I cannot help but thinking that if I had been hit much stronger than I had, I would have suffered serious injuries. I might need a lot of time to recover from my trauma. There is no way to escape from my trauma but to tolerate it. It taught me how important it is to watch out for cars even though you are walking along a safe street.

Blog by: DN