What’s in your bag?

Louis Vuitton. Chanel. Hermes. Fendi. Marc Jacobs. These are only a few of the most expensive and luxurious brands of bags that a lot of people, especially many women naturally desire or hope to possess, or to add to their collections. On the other hand, some people do not mind about the price, the origin, or the kind of bags they have; they consider the color, size or the design instead. But what really makes a bag fascinating? What makes a bag more interesting other than the outer appearance? I bet, many would agree that a bag’s contents give meaning to the bag itself, and only the owner and nobody else knows what are hidden in a bag, which makes it mysterious. But for the heck of it, I’m going to reveal some of the items I have in my bag.

First off is my mobile phone. Wherever I go, I carry this little gadget with me. I always want to be in contact with people. When I have free time or when I take a rest after a long walk, I check my phone for updates on Facebook, IG, Twitter, or Line about my family, friends, colleagues, etc. This gadget is really entertaining! I have the fear and tendency of getting lost as well, that’s why I need a phone to save me when I lost track of my direction.

Pens.I always think that I might need pen in writing something in the place where I go. I might bump into someone (a long lost friend/relative or a stranger) and have to give my contact details, so I need to write on a piece of paper. Apart from this, I could use the pen for self-defense when a danger suddenly comes. I am really paranoid sometimes.

Note pad. If I have a pen, I must have something to write on! I am a girl scout. I think in advance, so I make myself prepared as much as I can. When I go out, I might suddenly have to remember something, so it’s more effective for me to write it on a sheet of paper than save on my phone. I’m still a traditional person when it comes to taking down notes. I remember things more when I write them down using a pen and a paper.

Next is my wallet (or purse as others call it) where I put cash and cards (ATM card, credit card, rewards cards, ID). This is a little heavy, but it’s not dense because of coins or money. The weight comes mostly from the cards and receipts. (wink) Anyway, wallets are like bags. They have a variety of sizes and designs as well, but again, the contents are the most important and not the outside.

My mini beauty kit. As a teacher, I have to have a pleasing appearance at all times, so the items inside the kit save me to achieve that satisfying look. Many, if not all, think that it matters how a person presents herself in front of others. A teacher for example, must gain trust from students. With a messy hair, pale lips and cheeks, definitely the student would be disinterested talking to the teacher. Therefore, s/he has to achieve a refreshing look always.

Snacks. Yes, I always carry my bag with some foods like candies, crackers, or chocolates. Whether I go to school, mall, or meeting a friend anywhere, I want to have something to eat in times of emergency (because I get hungry always). Personally, I think that “a happy tummy makes a happy me.” With satisfied stomach, I have more energy in doing what I have to do.

Last but not the least in my bag is a book. I read somewhere that “reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are.” This is why I make sure that I have a book with me wherever I go. Books keep me busy and productive in an idle day. Besides, I am really a book lover.

So, there you go, I disclosed some of what are in my bag. I probably have the same things as others, but we have our own reasons having these items. We carry different bags depending on what we need to bring or sometimes on our mood. But whatever kind, brand, color, design of bags we have, what matters is how we take care of our bags. Treating them as our treasured possessions would let them last long. We may have many bags, but these bags help us a lot of ways in different times that we carry them.