A Month Filled With Love, Peace and Joy

Speed dating: An adventure for love

In the late 1990’s, Rabbi Yaacov Deyo created the concept of “speed dating” to encourage the Jewish singles to meet a large number of new people in Los Angeles. Obviously all of you are familiar with the idea of speed dating, even if you’ve never tried it. Speed dating is an event where you “date” or “meet” new people for three or five minutes or so until a bell, or buzzer, goes off and you move along to the next table. A couple of weeks before the Valentine’s Day I was so keen in researching for a grand “romantic event” where I and my friends can be part in. I’m a little hopeless, realizing that another hearts day will just come and go without me even meeting a beautiful lady or hearing some flowery words that will make me feel smitten, or handsomel. Then, I received a link from my superior exhibiting the schedule of Speed Dating in Cebu.

Excited about it, I registered instantly to that site and nervous to be alone I also registered my friends without them knowing. Being a newbie in “speed dating industry” I try to create some scenarios in my mind (mostly crazy) where I’ll meet new people … beautiful ladies particularly, my jitters got doubled up! Until I came up with my million questions “HOW WILL I SELL MYSELF TO A PERSON I’VE NEVER MET BEFORE IN JUST THREE MINUTES??? Or HOW WILL I BUY A PERSON I’VE NEVER MET BEFORE IN JUST THREE MINUTES???”

So I asked various people to my rescue, these are some of their neither helpful nor serious responses “I’m not for sale!”, “Get naked”, “Sing a three-minute song”, “Be real.” Well, how can I be real in a 3-minute date? How can I leave them a positive impression? Is it possible for me not to intimidate them or at least make them feel that I’m interested with them? Or is it possible for them to be gentle and say or act nothing that will break my vulnerable heart? While some of my family, fans and friends refuse to answer my question a friend of mine who took ages to answer send me her response saying “I am someone your heart longs for. I am a man of reason– perhaps too much reason for me to hold it myself. I am far from ordinary; I am me– warm, spontaneous, introvert turned extrovert, in her mid-20s still trying to figure out what on earth I am here for.” I burst out into laughter imagining I am the person saying these lines. Yes, it’s not me! I can’t do it.

A week before the event, I get all serious preparing the dress and the shoes that I will wear. Trying some unusual hairstyle that will make me look a little more manly and matured than how I am. Convincing myself that I’ll be facing a pool full of expectant people trying to gamble for a chance of a new found love or acquaintance I know that this day will pass by easily so I decided to go there without any prepared speech or expectation to lessen my chances of frustration. I want to enjoy the moment the best way I can so that I won’t look back at that day with regret. I am certain that people like me do search or get curious for love or at least lust in place where it hardly blossom.