A Feast of Love


It’s that time of the year again December has come and with all the joys of Christmas. Everyone’s excited every yuletide season. We see Christmas lights everywhere, put Christmas decorations at home, and of course prepare Christmas gifts for our loved ones. Parties are everywhere. Those who are working abroad, in the province, and in the cities go home during Christmas to spend time with their love ones.

Despite any differences in race, occupation, belief, culture, gender, demographics and social status join to make this special occasion a time for love, peace, joy, and hope to remind everyone that Christmas is for all.

Christmas is the time for Love

For a few moments at least let us forget about the fancy wants on our mind and set aside our problems and stress. One of the taglines of our school is “sharing is caring” with this as the head organizer of our school’s Christmas program. I decided to help two indigent citizens of Cebu who were confine in one of the public hospitals in Mandaue City. The Global Steps Academy family shoulder the expenses of their medication for one week and give simple present for them to enjoy in the upcoming Christmas day. Remembering all the while that truly it is better to give than to receive, always has been, always will be..

Christmas is the time for Peace

This yuletide season let’s forget about hatred and anger in our hearts, let’s think not so much for the misunderstanding of yesterday and think of the blessing we have got for the entire year. If we really want to love we must learn how to forgive. This time is for everyone to have fun, relax and treasure the moments.

Christmas is the time for Joy

Celebrating Christmas will not be complete without… Christmas party. Families, colleagues, and friends gather together to have reunions and seize the moment during this special season. Our school celebrated the most awaited party of the year, showcasing the talents of all the teachers and staff. The magnificent costumes added color to the event plus the mouthwatering dishes that definitely no can resist made our Christmas celebration memorable and fantastic.<p?></p?>

Christmas is the time for Hope

This season is the opportunity for hope. As with all the celebration, Christmas carries a deep spiritual significance for some of people that seemingly passing dark times through now. With this as we celebrate this season and as we all welcome the New Year may we have a brand new year and dream for each one of us.

Happy Holidays! 2016 signing off….