A Visit to the Land of the Rising Sun(当校の先生が日本へ旅行に行ってきました!)

I’ve been to Japan last year and visited some places in Tokyo area, but visiting Kansai was my first time. Indeed my seven marvelous days in Kansai area were really amazing. Experiencing the eclectic and full of adventures of Osaka, the peaceful park of Nara and definitely the ancient and used to be the capital of Japan, Kyoto. This place is just simply filled with the combination of modern society and ancient heritages and traditions. Also, the foliage of autumn in Kyoto decorates the nature that made the surroundings more astonishing. I grabbed the opportunity to taste their signature and authentic dishes like takoyaki, okonomiyaki, sushi, and of course, my all-time favorite ramen. If you are a food enthusiast, definitely you would enjoy your vacation in this area. Part of my visit here is to conduct a demonstration on how to deal with foreign clients and how to get the vital signs using English language for Japanese nurse attendants. Sharing my ideas to them made me so grateful. I also went to Universal Studios Japan (USJ) and my visit here gave me some surprises. I did not expect there are lots of thrills, spills and excitement in many iconic themed rides. Also, talking about Nara, feeding dear is another attraction that you do when you visit the place. Around the vicinity you could see a lot of temple that show how Japanese preserved their culture. Finally my vacation wouldn’t be complete without seeing mount Kurama a mountain to the north-west of the city of Kyoto. Such a relaxing and perfect place. I could say that Japan is indeed a wonderful country.