Your ESL Bucket List Should Look Like This

Happy New Year, everybody! How is 2017 treating you? Is it looking good? I am thinking that it appears to be promising. How do I know that? Because, you have to make it.

For many years that I have been teaching English, I always include making a bucket list in my lesson. Why is that? There are times when learners do not even know what they want. With Japanese learners, I found out that most of them have not explored things that we all can actually do. What exactly is a bucket list? To put it simply, it would be the list of things that you would like to do or accomplish. You can be creative when it comes to your list. It can be categorized to theme, reason or season.

Student’s thoughts

“I want to be fluent in English.”

“I like traveling. So, I want to be a good English speaker.”

“I have many foreign friends. I talk to them, but I feel that my grammar is bad.”

“It would be good for me if I learn more business English.

Learners have their own reasons when it comes to studying English. However, they do not know where to start. This is where you should lay down your plan. This is where bucket list becomes very useful.

Sample Bucket List

Still do not know what to include in your bucket list? You can try and follow the following:

1. Book for a 4-week study vacation.

2. Plot your schedule.

3. Enroll to a quality ESL institution.

4. After classes, stroll around the island/city and take pictures.

5. Describe the pictures to your ESL instructor in English.

6. Listen to an English song or English podcasts.

7. Blog or post on your social media accounts about your experiences in English.

8. Answer the Q&A Diary before you sleep.

9. Make a new friend every week.

The list looks simple but it is actually hard especially when it comes to follow through. However, just stick to it.

Later on, I will expound on the ESL materials I consider useful.

Have a wonderful new year everyone!!!