The Teachers Behind the Academy (part 4)


Teacher Nichole is the main face of Ceblish Entertainment’s The Lounge. When assigned to spearhead the project, she hesitated for a while but eventually took the role. Would you believe it if I say that Teacher Nichole is actually an introvert? She confessed to be one. Lo and behold, she is now out of her shell and is displaying her artistic prowess. She makes use of different tools and so her vision translates to her output.

She is mainly handling Socializing, Omotenashi, Topics classes, and Vocabulary and Expressions subjects for now. Then again, she is on to something more. What makes her impressive is her knack for expanding her knowledge. Teacher Nichole uses practical approach in teaching English. She often participates in role-play to allow the students to visualize and experience what it is like to be in a realistic situation. There is really no stopping this woman.


This petite teacher is another quiet-looking individual. Her youthful face often gives other people the impression that she is inexperienced. Again, let me reiterate that she is just quiet. Teacher Joy is actually a well-read individual. Just look at those books. It is not just for display, I promise.

Teacher Joy is in love with literature. She often finds herself reading when she is at home. She also writes poetry when inspired. If you get lucky, she might read some of her materials to you. In school, she mainly teaches and guides the students using Breakthrough books. The book covers all English skills. It may be tough but she patiently explains each section and checks if they are on the same page. She is definitely built for this.

*to be continued*