The Teachers Behind the Academy (part 2)


Do not be fooled by this petite teacher. This light woman is heavy with knowledge. A graduate of Accountancy, Teacher Lannah juggled bookkeeping to different companies and teaching English to foreign students. Now, she is concentrating on the latter.

For several years, Teacher Lannah has been known for her intelligence when it comes to teaching English. Nowadays, she is also known for a special skill that many students are raving about – writing on the whiteboard upside down. Because she has always been on the opposite end of the table, she needed to find a way to let the student read the text she writes without shifting or moving her seat. It is unknown when she developed this skill, but many are in awe of how fast she writes as well. We are sure that you will find this interesting as well.

Teacher Lannah has also been tagged as the joker. She tries to make her classes interesting by humoring the students. Every time the students come out of her classroom, the laughter lingers until they get to the student’s lounge. Even with her funny side, you can bet that you will get substance in her classes. Do you want to know why? It is because Teacher Lannah is tasked to research and develop the school’s curriculum. She updates herself every day. Rest assured, she definitely knows what she is teaching you. Big task for a small person, right? That’s Teacher Lannah for you.


A person who is always mistaken to be quiet, Teacher Annie can easily carry a conversation with anyone. She enjoys hosting get-togethers by helping out in the production of meal and simply talking to guests. Her nurturing nature allows her to check on everybody whenever needed. During her free time, she manages to attend dance classes with some of the teachers and interested students. She definitely has that artistic side that she maintains to practice.

Teacher Annie graduated Broadcast Communication in one of the top universities in the Philippines. Her broad knowledge in her studies landed her a gig in ESL teaching. In the ESL field, she can exercise her literacy by doing many things that she knows best. Pronunciation and public speech are some of them.

In school, Teacher Annie is designated to take care of all international English tests. She teaches techniques on how to improve scores for TOEIC, TOEFL, and IELTS. Teacher Annie cannot be the only person who knows how to teach these techniques. She continuously imparts her knowledge to all the teachers in school. Many may fear these of tests, but Teacher Annie will help you find ways to make it easier for you. If you are struggling in improving your scores in these tests, approach Teacher Annie and she will help you.

*to be continued*