The Teachers Behind the Academy (part 3)

Now, let us introduce fresh, innocent looking faces.


New to the team, Teacher Ellen is a rambunctious individual, who simply wants to be known as outgoing. She can pretty much get along with anyone. Her laughter is so infectious, that you will find yourself laughing with her for no reason at all. Her bubbly personality has put her in the local media scene. Yes! She has background in acting and hosting. If you are good at researching online, you might find some of her previous appearances. Teacher Ellen’s personality simply shines on and off screen. Definitely not shy, she wants to help others in discovering oneself.

Because of her sociable nature, Teacher Ellen is tasked to help individuals improve their socializing skill. She will coach you how to convey your thoughts without hesitation. You will be able to spend your hour with Teacher Ellen learning appropriate expressions in different situations.

She is out to prove herself to be valuable in the school. Constantly training with the rest of the teachers, Ellen is someone to watch out for.


Teacher Dianne is a new member of the nurse instructors. She will be teaching you all nursing-related topics and join you to any role-plays that is needed to enhance your skills. Looking at her face, one might think that she is a shy person. Well, that is partly true. However, give her time and she will be talking like there is no tomorrow.

Another teacher leaning towards the arts, she has proven to be very crafty. That would be obvious once you step in her classroom. Her crafts could be one of your conversation topics. You can see all her DIYs plastered on one of the four walls of her room. Not only that, she is also a skin enthusiast. This woman has been trying to tap different things that she sets her mind to. Now that she has joined Global Steps Academy, she would like to excel in the field by being an effective educator. Although she has been teaching before, it would be a first to teach Japanese. Give it a go. You will be able to pick up many things from her.

*to be continued*